Getting to King’s-Edgehill School has never been easier.

For many years we have provided a bus service for our day students living in the Annapolis Valley. We also offer a metro shuttle servicing students from HRM and a Chester with a daily shuttle service.  Space is limited; if you are interested in the shuttle please reserve your space as soon as possible.  Full details on each shuttle service is below.   

Families not served by the shuttles often share the commute by carpooling with other families. Interested in carpooling? We can put you in touch with families from your area to facilitate carpooling. 

Annapolis Valley Bus Service


We are pleased to offer bus service to Annapolis Valley students traveling to and from King’s-Edgehill School each day. Larry Morine is our exceptional and skilled bus driver who has been transporting our students since we introduced this service in 2010.  There are four bus stops between Coldbrook and King’s-Edgehill School, and the bus schedule is outlined below:

Morning Pick-Up Bus Stop Afternoon Drop Off
7:00 AM Coldbrook Shell Station: the bus will stop between the Shell and Subway to pick-up students and proceed out the back driveway. 6:25 PM
7:10 AM New Minas Big Stop: the bus will pick-up students in front of the gas pumps and proceed out the upper driveway. 6:15 PM
7:20 AM Blomidon Nurseries: the bus will enter the first driveway, stop behind the middle garden and exit the lower driveway.  6:05 PM
7:25 AM Acadia University Athletic Centre: the bus will stop in front of the main doors. 6:00 PM
7:52 AM Arrival at King’s-Edgehill School/Departure from KES 5:30 PM

Metro Shuttle Service 


In January of 2016, Paul Milligan joined our KES family and he is the school driver for the Metro Shuttle.  Paul has his Nova Scotia Class 1 driver's license, up-to-date First Aid and CPR courses. 

There are 2 shuttle stops:

Morning Pick-Up Bus Stop Afternoon Drop Off
6:55 AM  49 Falls Run, Exit 14 and Perrin Drive, Fall River (Metro Transit Terminal Park and Ride) 6:30 PM
7:05 AM Bedford:  Bedford Legion, 1772 Bedford Highway. 6:15 PM
7:20 AM Woodchuckers Limited:  961 Lucasville Road (next to the Mobile Home Park) 6:05 PM
7:35 AM Mount Uniacke:  The Irving, Exit 3 5:50 PM
7:55 AM Arrival at King’s-Edgehill School/Departure from KES 5:30 PM


Chester Shuttle Service





Chester ~ Shuttle Stop

Driver:  Wade Trider, 902-798-6432



Drop Off


7:10 am

Our Health Centre:  3769 Highway #3, Chester

6:30 pm

7:55 am

Arrival at King’s-Edgehill School                              Departure from KES

5:30 pm


Interested in learning more about our transportation options, simply complete the form and we'll be in touch shortly.