See just what it’s like to be a student from Good Morning to Good Night

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Are you curious about what your child will experience as a student at King’s-Edgehill School? Would you like to know more about the variety of activities your child will enjoy in the space of a single day?

Maybe your child has questions about what they’ll wear, or what rooms look like. Our photojournal is a great introduction to what life is like when you’re part of the King’s-Edgehill family.

Download A Full Day at KES to find out more about:

  • What time we say good morning and good night
  • Our beautiful campus in Windsor, Nova Scotia
  • What our students look like in uniform
  • Some of the sports your child can play
  • What our boarding students do on the weekends

Sneak a peek at King’s-Edgehill School – download the PhotoJournal now.

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Cadet Ball - 2018 May 25 (F.Cisneros) - 6879812