Trips and travel at King’s-Edgehill School

Oh the places you will go

Learning doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom. 

No two years are the same and the world is changing in unexpected ways. While our travel experiences for the 2020-21 School year will also be different.  Annual trips to the USA for skiing will likely be replaced by trips to Canadian ski resorts. Adventure trips that may have seen us travel to Europe may be replaced by cultural excursions to Quebec City or Newfoundland or the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  In many ways, next year will be more of a true Canadian experience than previous years. 

This photojournal shows you the many places KES students have gone in years past! large_news972101_847659.jpg

Across the province and around the globe, our students are given many chances to explore, exchange ideas and form strong bonds during our organized, action-packed school trips. 

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  • Outdoor camping and outdoor education
  • Travel as far afield as Europe and Africa
  • Cultural and language trips
  • Trips for the full class cohort, plus optional trips during school breaks
  • With lots and lots of pictures! 

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