While school is out for the summer, we are still very much OPEN to sharing our School with you.

King’s-Edgehill School is the oldest independent school in the British Commonwealth.  We truly value tradition, but we are also known for our adaptability and our modern approach to education.  Just as we have changed the way in which we teach, lead and engage with our students we have adapted the ways in which you can experience our School as a prospective family. 

Discover our School with a PhotoJournal.  These downloadable PhotoJournals walk you through A Day in the Life of a Day Student or A Day in the Life of a Boarding Student.

One of the highlights of the admissions process is personally showing families around our beautiful campus.  We are once again able to offer prospective families in-person tours of our campus and thanks to technology like: FaceTime, Whatsapp, and Zoom, we can also bring the campus to living rooms, offices and kitchens around the province and throughout the country. 

While we would encourage you to experience the campus in person, we are pleased to be able to offer both in-person and virtual tours all summer long.  

A virtual tour gives you the opportunity to experience the campus, see the aspects of our School that might not be captured in our videos or photojournals and to ask your individual questions.

Set up your Personalized Visit

Connect with a Current Parent

In this short video clip, current and past parents chat about their KES experience.  Allow us to connect you with a KES parent who has a child of the same age or interest.  They know the school, the staff, the schedule; they see their children thriving, growing and excelling; they can also tell you what to expect - from moving in to moving on and all the moments in between. 

Connect with a parent!

Experience our School in VR or 360

This short video is a student lead tour of a few key areas of our campus: Convocation Hall, the Music Room, Dining Hall, the Quad, and a Dorm Room.  If you have a VR headset, you can tour the school in a fully immersive experience.  Even if you don’t have a VR headset, you can get a 360 degree tour right from YouTube – just use your cursor to move around. 

If you like what you see, why not set up your own personal virtual tour through FaceTime, Whatsapp or Zoom. 


3 Reasons why you should do a Virtual Visit

Experience our Campus from the comfort of your home.  


See the areas of our School that interest you the most.


Book your virtual visit at anytime from anywhere.

Simply complete the form and we will set up your personal virtual tour of King’s-Edgehill School.  Come along as a family, bring your questions and the places you would like to see, and we can even record the tour for later reference or to share with other family members.